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Sweet Surrender

Sweet Surrender1. THÔNG TIN SÁCH/EBOOK

Tác giả : Maya Banks

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“I don’t want you to go back on the job yet.”

Grayson Montgomery plunked his coffee cup back on the worn diner table and stared at Mick Winslow in confusion.

“What the fuck are you talking about, Mick?”

The older man shoved a tired hand over his face, a face that was now deeply grooved with wrinkles and fatigue. He’d called Gray earlier in the morning and asked him to meet him here for coffee. Gray was due for his physical and psych evaluation in a half hour. The last obstacle in his return to work as a Dallas cop.

He’d been plagued with doubts. What sane person wouldn’t be? He hadn’t been completely sure he could return to a job when Alex, his partner, wouldn’t. Ever. But, of course, he’d go back. Alex’s killer had to be caught. Justice had to be done. All that was standing in his way was a doctor’s okay on his physical condition and a shrink’s assessment on the state of his noggin. He could easily bullshit his way through that one.


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